Laboratoire Phyto-Actif, food supplements and organic cosmetics

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Laboratoire Phyto-Actif, food supplements and organic cosmetics

Laboratoire Phyto-Actif, natural and organic expert

Laboratoire Phyto-Actif based in Cestas, near Bordeaux, is first and foremost defined by a team of over thirty employees who work each day to develop, manufacture and distribute a range of premium natural and/or organic products inspired by plants, something they have been doing for over 30 years.

The company commercializes food supplements and organic cosmetics through specialized networks (pharmacies, drugstores, organic and health food stores) and through its online store.

The Laboratoire Phyto-Actif joined Compagnie Léa Nature at the end of 2020.




Over 30 employees


30 years of expertise in natural and organic health products


Laboratoire Phyto-Actif, French manufacturer for health and well-being

Laboratoire Phyto-Actif offers a large catalog of products designed to preserve the whole family’s health and beauty. Six of the company’s brands are sold in specialized networks and 2 others are available for mail and export orders.

These various product lines reflect Laboratoire Phyto-Actif’s commitment to using the best natural ingredients to provide alternative options for personal health and well-being, that are innovative and effective.

A wide range of natural and organic products

Today, the company distributes 8 brands, developed either for France or other countries, in 3 sectors:

  • Health, with the following brands:
    • Phyto-Actif (food supplements);
    • Arnidol (arnica based product line);
    • Gelo, from Pohl Boskamp (line of ENT medical devices);
    • Real Health (Manuka honey from Australia).
  • Cosmetics, with the brands:
    • Bioregena (sun protection and organic plant-based dermo-cosmetics for the whole family);
    • Esenka (luxury organic cosmetics);
    • Paltz (cosmetics made with essential oils).

These 3 brands are sold in France and exported, the last two being exclusively dedicated to markets  abroad (namely Europe and Scandinavia as well as Japan).

  • Protection: with the MoustiCare product line (plant-based mosquito repellents).

Innovation is a core value for Laboratoire Phyto-Actif

Product formulation is carried out by Laboratoire Phyto-Actif to ensure consumer demands for natural and effective solutions are met now and in the future. The company invests between 5% and 10% of its annual sales in R&D and new projects.

The R&D team, composed of two committed women, is constantly searching for new natural active ingredients, combinations, formulations and certifications. They select the best natural ingredients to develop effective and highly dosed formulas.


Since its inception, the company has focused significantly on innovation, allowing it to become a true pioneer its industry.

  • Creation of the Cosmébio label in 2002

In the early 2000s, Laboratoire Paltz joined forces with several cosmetics manufacturers to create the “Cosmébio” label. Its objective is to reinforce the offer of organic cosmetics through compliance with rigorous and detailed specifications on natural and organic product compositions.

  • Launch of the first natural vitamin C in the 1990s and of the organic version in 2004

In 1992, Phyto-Actif was the first French laboratory to commercialize a vitamin C containing Acerola. The company’s famous “little yellow box” named Acerola Plus 500, brought the company widespread recognition, allowing it to develop a range of organic vitamins. In 2004, the laboratory released the certified organic sister product, Acerola Bio 500.

  • Launch the first lines of organic sun protection (2007) and organic probiotics (2008)
  • Latest launches: an anti-mosquito soap and a line of chewable magnesium tablets (Xtra’Mag) in 2020

A commitment to nature since its creation

Since its creation in 1992, Laboratoire Phyto-Actif has been committed to a CSR approach in all its production processes. The company considers protecting people and wildlife to be a core value.   The laboratory’s responsible and sustainable commitments are thus recognized through several national, European and international labels:

  • Organic Agriculture : products are certified organic with the AB and Ecocert labels, recognizing that formulas contain on average between 50% and 90% organic ingredients.
  • Recycling : product packaging is increasingly made of recyclable materials and is environmentally friendly (Imprim’vert and PEFC certified packs). The same goes for materials used for POS advertising.
  • Pan European Forest Certification : the laboratory privileges ecological materials for its packaging and communications media.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free : raw materials used do not contain animal ingredients and finished products are never tested on animals.
  • Respecting sea life : the laboratory tests its formulas to ensure they are harmless for the marine environment, particularly sun protection products.
  • Fair for Life : the company is currently reviewing its compliance for certification in late 2021 or 2022.

Bringing our customers the best treasures found in nature

SYNADIET Charter : Laboratoire Phyto-Actif is a member of the Syndicat National des Compléments Alimentaires (SYNADIET – national association of supplement manufacturers) which objective is to guarantee product quality, effectiveness, safety and transparency through a charter and a quality standard.

Cosmébio Charter : Laboratoire Phyto-Actif complies with the specifications of the Cosmébio Label. This certifies the natural and plant-based origin of organic cosmetic products and the raw ingredients they contain, to preserve the environment and reduce the impact on biodiversity. For instance, as far as preservatives are concerned, parabens are replaced by essential oils. Brands labeled Cosmébio are required to comply with two main rules:

  • Cosmetics must be made of at least 95% natural ingredients;
  • At least 10% of the total ingredients used in a product must be certified organic.