BPC Kambio, a fresh and organic caterer since 1999

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BPC Kambio, a fresh and organic caterer since 1999

BPC Kambio includes two companies : Kambio, founded in 1999 and BPC, founded in 2007. They joined Léa Nature in 2010.


manufacturing sites


76 employees (2021)


7 million bakery items produced (2021)

Our workshop located in Seissan in the Gers, has three production lines for organic pies and pizzas.

This bakery is equipped with a lifting mixer and a pressure divider to produce dough portions for the pizzas and pies made on site, while the tomato sauce is prepared each morning.


Find out more about our manufacturing plant located in Seissan dedicated to the preparation of pizzas, savory pies, egg rolls, and gluten-free catering products for our brand Jardin BiO étic.

The egg roll production line is used by BPC Kambio to make generous organic egg rolls for the Carte Nature and Jardin BiO étic brands.

Egg roll wrappers are made onsite with rice flour, then filled with freshly grated vegetables and rolled by our cooks.

The site employs 38 people dedicated to preparing over 60 fresh catering products.


Delicious recipes thanks to exceptional ingredients

BPC Kambio teams are dedicated to offering superior taste and delicious recipes, namely thanks to a rigorous selection process for our raw ingredients: PDO fourme d’Ambert, PDO feta, extra virgin olive oil, semi-whole wheat flour from France, freshly grated Emmentaler cheese made from pasture-raised cows’ milk, tomato sauce with no added sugar, and eggs from France.


In line with our continuous improvement process, our teams focus on the nutritional value of our recipes by reducing the salt content and increasing vegetable proteins through the use of legumes.

To ensure the premium quality of our products, dough portions are made onsite as is the tomato sauce which is prepared each morning with onions, oregano, herbs de Provence and basil by our cooks. All ingredients are added manually.