Jean et Lisette, the cookie factory

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Jean et Lisette, the cookie factory

The construction of the Jean et Lisette cookie factory was launched in 2017, 60 km from the company headquarters. It is located in the middle of Val Bio Ouest, an organic industry business park in the Poitou-Charentes region dedicated to organic food companies.




26 employees

44 cookie product references

The Jean et Lisette cookie factory is the result of an exceptional partnership between several committed local organic stakeholders:

  • Maxence d’Audiffret, President of Jean et Lisette, and a talented entrepreneur and advocate
  • The Bellot Mill, an independent mill in Poitou-Charentes that has existed for 10 generations
  • CORAB, a regional organic farming cooperative
  • Léa Nature, an independent and committed family business
  • Biocoop’s Défi Bio, a network of specialized organic stores

This is an innovative “field to plate” partnership around a same production tool, involving cooperation between all sector stakeholders, cooperatives, flour mills, manufacturers and distributors.

Maxence d'Audiffret, founder of the cookie factory

"Léa Nature told me that they were looking to establish a partnership with a cookie maker to work on innovative products. This growing market combined with demand from other organic stakeholders allowed me to set this project up and to unite our industry partners around a common goal."

Charles Kloboukoff, president and founder of Compagnie Léa Nature

"This new factory, located at the heart of a business park promoting organic and locally based production, was an opportunity for Léa Nature to demonstrate its commitment to the Charente-Maritime region and to the development of its farmlands and industries. As a key local stakeholder, Léa Nature provided its support and expertise to help the cookie factory get off the ground and become a permanent fixture in the organic ecosystem."

The creation of an organic cookie factory in Saint-Jean-d’Angély is a strong sign of the city’s recovery after the closure of the Brossard factories in 2013; in fact, four former Brossard employees are now part of the Jean et Lisette team.

The construction of the plant was completed in May 2018, and production lines were started up with about fifteen employees.

Once organic certification was obtained, the first production runs started as early as July 2018.

The factory now employs 26 people and a dozen temporary workers dedicated to manufacturing 44 cookie product references.

Today, the Jean et Lisette cookie factory actively contributes to the structuring of the organic sector in New Aquitaine.

Gourmet, organic and local cookies

Jean et Lisette makes a wide variety of cookies, whether innovative or traditional: tarts, dry cookies, sandwich cookies, shortbread and many other formats. Find out more about the Jean et Lisette production site, located in Saint-Jean-d’Angély (17).


Recipes are developed in the Innovation, Research and Development laboratory based on a rigorous selection of the best ingredients.

Jean et Lisette makes its own chocolate fillings from organic and fair-trade cocoa raw ingredients and organic brown cane sugar.

The cookie factory namely manufactures products for our brands:

  • Jardin BiO étic : organic cookies and crispy toasts made with wheat flour from France, fair trade cane sugar and fair trade cocoa;  all products are free of palm oil, colorants or preservatives in accordance with organic regulations
  • Karéléa : dietetic cookies that have no added sugar or are sugar-free and that are made with a selection of natural ingredients.