Hygiena, belgian distributor of natural and organic products

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Hygiena, belgian distributor of natural and organic products

Hygiena, a Belgian distributor specialized in natural and organic products

Hygiena is a traditional, family-owned company from Belgium. It distributes natural and organic food, cosmetic and household products.

The company, founded in 1955 by Luc Muyldermans and Simonne De Pelsmaeker, started out with the home delivery of natural food products. Subsequently, it opened a small store specialized in the sale of natural and dietetic food products.



90 brands


60 years of expertise in healthful and natural products

Ever since this wholesale company was founded, it has upheld its mission of offering only healthful, high quality products which production and consumption have no major impact on biodiversity. These products are sold in specialized stores as well as zero-waste stores.

Hygiena joined Compagnie Léa Nature in 2017.


Quality, a core value at Hygiena

Product quality is a core value for this family-owned company.  It has therefore chosen to distribute brands that share similar values and it privileges natural, organic, healthful, and ecological products. Some product lines are also available in bulk, with a view to reducing packaging.

By offering these brands in organic and zero waste stores in Belgium, Hygiena remains true to its commitment to nature. For instance, by offering product lines made with 100% organically grown ingredients, the company ensures that farming methods are respectful of nature and wildlife. This is also a guarantee that consumers are getting healthful products.

A distributor committed to environmental conservation

In privileging natural and organic products, Hygiena ensures that the ingredients they contain are grown following methods that respect nature and biodiversity. For example, some of our products feature the following labels: AB, Vegan, Vegetarian, Fairtrade, Ecocert, Ecogarantie, Cosmébio and of course the EU organic label.

This Belgian retailer promotes local consumption and ensures its partner brands and stores share its environmental concerns.

Organic brands for everyday needs

Hygiena distributes nearly 100 brands and more than 2,600 food and cosmetic products. The company is committed to offering innovative product lines that respond to customer needs and are made from natural ingredients.

This long-standing commitment has made the company a leader and a key partner in the Belgian organic distributor and wholesaler market.

Hygiena joined Compagnie Léa Nature in 2017. This partnership has allowed us to distribute new high-quality organic brands in Belgium.

The company’s distribution center in Sint-Niklaas covers 8,000 square meters and exports the following brands, amongst others:

  • Bisson : organic cookies and shortbread.
  • Douce Nature : organic and ecological cosmetics that are earth friendly.
  • Eau Thermale Jonzac : organic skin care and personal care product lines.
  • Ecodoo : natural household products.
  • Mamie Bio : line of gourmet spreads, dried fruit purees, fruit desserts and jams.
  • Natessance : natural and organic personal care for the whole family.
  • Pleniday : healthy and delicious dietary products.
  • Priméal : 100% plant-based organic grocery products.
  • Le Pain des Fleurs : gluten-free organic crispy toast.
  • Ma Vie Sans Gluten : gluten-free organic products.
  • Vitamont : organic fruit and vegetable juices and beverages.