Biosurya, a spanish manufacturer of fresh vegetarian products

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Biosurya, a spanish manufacturer of fresh vegetarian products

Founded in 1978, Biosurya is a family business located in Zaragoza, Spain, specialized in the development and manufacturing of fresh organic products with a high vegetable protein content.




3 brands

40 years of innovation in vegetarian recipes


This company was a true pioneer of plant-based food in the 1970s, and this venture began in the kitchen of its two founders, Juan and Teresa, when they started concocting healthful and delicious plant-based recipes.

They wanted to develop a plant-based diet without ever having to give up the delicious taste of superior ingredients. Their specialties encountered such a success that they started working on this initiative full-time.  They then moved from their kitchen to a small workshop and eventually, Biosurya became a state-of-the-art facility in the manufacturing of fresh and organic prepared foods for plant-based diets.

Biosurya joined Compagnie Léa Nature in 2017. It commercializes three brands in Spain: Ahimsa, Delatierra and Sabbio, and has also developed a vegetarian selection for our Carte Nature brand in France, sold in organic stores.


A specialist in plant-based alternatives

Biosurya has been developing and commercializing fresh, delicious, and easy to prepare vegetable products for nearly 40 years.

Its expertise in the field of plant-based and vegan products has made it one of the leading companies in Spain for fresh organic products with a high vegetable protein content.

Thanks to its various product lines, Biosurya helps consumers maintain a healthy and sustainable diet, based on organically farmed ingredients.

Healthful and organic prepared foods

Over the past 40 years, Biosurya has developed a unique know-how in creating innovative recipes based on vegetable proteins.

Thanks to the unique combination of top-quality organic ingredients, the company guarantees its line of fresh prepared foods offering balanced nutritional values, tasty recipes, and delicious flavor.
Biosurya’s continuous innovation approach ensures many of its plant-based specialties become regular best-sellers in organic stores.

In Spain, the company’s products are available in retail under 3 brands:

  • Ahimsa : Biosurya’s flagship brand with over 60 vegetarian organic product references.
  • Delatierra: a brand of healthful, vegetable-based dishes for the whole family.
  • Sabbio: a new brand offering a catalog of plant-based protein products distributed in supermarkets.

The Carte Nature vegetable proteins

In 2017, Biosurya joined Compagnie Léa Nature as a production facility for the Prepared Foods Division.

Biosurya, a leading expert in fresh vegetarian products, concocts vegetarian and vegan meals for the Carte Nature fresh prepared foods brand available in organic stores.

Vegetarian and vegan meals with a high plant protein content manufactured by Biosurya were sold in France for the first time in 2018.

Limiting its environmental impact

In offering organically grown, natural and sustainable products, Biosurya has made the choice of supporting agricultural methods that are better for people’s health and for the planet.