Vitamont, 100% organic since 1985

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Vitamont, 100% organic since 1985

For over 35 years, Vitamont, located at the heart of the Lot-et-Garonne region, has developed, processed and bottled premium organic juices and beverages, in addition to offering a range of organic grocery products.

Vitamont joined Léa Nature in 2011.


51 employees (2019)

Processing capacity : 1,500 tons of fruit and vegetables per year

10 millions juice bottles (2019)


Vitamont, a traditional French manufacturer

In 1985, Alain Brugalières, who was raised on a farm, became aware that agricultural practices had to evolve towards a new approach that was earth- and human-friendly to ensure the sustainability of our food supply from the land.

He therefore founded Vitamont, a small artisanal organic juice and beverage factory working exclusively with organic stores and which products were made with tasty and locally grown fruits and vegetables harvested at maturity.

Vitamont was the first juice manufacturer to be organic (AB) certified in France in 1985.

Vitamont, 100% organic juices

Vitamont selects top quality ingredients based on their virtues and flavor. Thanks to 35 years of experience, Vitamont prepares superior organic fruit and vegetable juice blends as well as original organic beverages. The company’s line of pure juices was developed to offer the full flavor of raw fruit.  Beverages are made with a reduced sugar content, encouraging consumers to keep their sugar intake in check.


Vitamont is a producer for our brands Jardin BiO étic, sold in supermarkets and Mamie Bio, sold in organic stores, in addition to its own label, Vitamont also available in organic stores. Overall, the company produces over 200 product references that are 100% organic certified and allergen-free.

Organic supply chains in partnership with Vitamont

Ever since its foundation, Vitamont has worked with local and sustainable supply chains whenever possible, for apples, prunes and apricots for instance. Today, nearly 30% of the references come from France.

The company has also developed ethical and fair-trade partnerships for tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango.

Thanks to the company’s contribution to the development and structuring of the organic sector, Vitamont has helped producers, such as apple growers from the Southwest, transition to organic farming.


Vitamont has developed a line of apple juice with a “Transitioning” label to ensure a smooth conversion to organic farming by offering these producers an outlet for their apples.

Vitamont has also contributed to developing organic pomegranate tree farming in the Southwest of France, a novel initiative in this region.


Certifications that are in line with company commitments

Every product in the Vitamont catalog is organic certified (AB label).

For juices and drinks containing exotic ingredients such as mango, vanilla, cane sugar or cocoa, Vitamont ensures that these come from fair trade supply chains that are Max Havelaar or Fair For Life certified. Today, nearly 30% of the references are labeled.


As a guarantee of its ethical and fair-trade approach, Vitamont decided to seek the BioPartenaire organic and fair trade certification delivered by ECOCERT in 2019. This label is aimed at restoring a balance, where humans are central to exchanges and business activities while keeping to the high environmental and qualitative standards of organic agriculture.

During the same year, Vitamont received the BioEd label for its Corporate Social Responsibility approach.  This independent label recognizes organic companies that exceed European organic standards and that place sustainable development and CSR at the core of their mission.


Environmental commitments and concrete actions

In addition to choosing an organic approach, Vitamont is also committed to reducing its impact on the environment and to the sustainable management of natural resources.

The company is a member of 1% for the Planet for all juices and beverages manufactured for the Jardin BiO étic brand, which means 1% of annual sales is donated to environmental conservation nonprofits.

Furthermore, the company has implemented a process to reuse water, namely that used for machine cleaning, which resulted in 1.25 million liters of water saved in 2019.

With a view to reducing pollution from its fleet of commercial vehicles, drivers receive training in eco-driving, thus reducing the company’s fuel consumption by 8.9%, amounting to a reduction of 1.5 tons of CO 2 per year and per vehicle.

Buildings are equipped with solar panels producing about 35,000 kilowatts of power per year.
Recently, Vitamont invested in 2 new buildings : a technological hall and a logistics platform, on which more than 600m2 of photovoltaic panels are installed. These panels will be able to produce the equivalent of the power consumption of 8 individual houses.

Eco-designed packaging remains a crucial point for the company. Glass bottles can easily be recycled by the consumer, thanks to well-developed recycling channels in France.  Creating returnable glass containers is also under study.
Vitamont has also developed paper straws for its juice briquettes.