Bio Organica, Italian organic pioneer

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Bio Organica, Italian organic pioneer

Founded in 1960, Bio Organica Italia has been a family-owned business for three generations and is currently led by the three Gaudiano brothers: Carlo, Michele and Giovanni.

Today the company owns 220 hectares in northern Puglia which have been certified organic since 1985, ad Demeter-certified since 2018.

Bio Organica Italia took a 60% stake in Compagnie Léa Nature, Ekibio, in July 2022.




Bio Organica Italia : 53 employees Bio Organica Farm : 140 employees


100% biodynamic


Bio Organica Italia : where tradition and gastronomic innovation meet

Today, Bio Organica Italia is one of the leaders in Italy for the production and marketing of organic and biodynamic antipasti and Mediterranean products.

In Italy, Bio Organica Italia is one of the leading producers of organic and biodynamic artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes, and also stands as the second largest producer of green and black olive specialties, with specialties such as the large and fleshy local “Cerignola” olives.

Furthermore, the company has quickly taken the lead in pesto and ready-made sauce production. The company’s products are also appreciated in 20 countries around the world.

Bio Organica Farm owns agricultural land in the Apulia region where organic and biodynamic olives and vegetables are grown. These lands surround the production facilities, thus ensuring no transportation is necessary and eradicating any type of contamination through drifting.


All of the company’s products are Demeter* certified, which is the strictest certification in existence for organic and biodynamic agriculture based on the leading principle of respecting humans, wildlife, and the earth. 


Bio Organica Italia offers a complete line of products which have all been developed with a focus on sustainability: innovative, 100% plastic-free packaging, extensive use of renewable energies and the recovery of organic waste during the production process.


This third generation’s commitment, incarnated by brothers Carlo, Giovanni and Michele through their retained ownership of 40% of the company’s capital, has not only led to a dedicated conversion to sustainable and regenerative agriculture, but also to a transformation of corporate culture (integrated production and breeding, over 15% of the land is dedicated to biodiversity).


Bio Organica Italia and Compagnie Léa Nature, shared commitments

As a long-standing partner of Compagnie Léa Nature, Bio Organica is strengthening its ties with the group and planning new development projects.

Through its respective brands, Bio Organica is transferring its traditional know-how in cooking aids, appetizers and tomato sauces to the Ekibio hub.

Bio Organica will be part of the Ekibio division of Compagnie Léa Nature and will develop its product lines both internationally and within organic channels in France. Compagnie Léa Nature also plans to launch a gourmet line of Italian products in supermarkets.


*Lupin and onions are not Demeter-certified