Natéva, at the very heart of plants

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Natéva, at the very heart of plants

Since 2005, Natéva manufactures and commercializes fresh or dried plants, extracts, essential oils, floral waters and food supplements, all organically obtained.

Because of this expertise and the commitments both companies hold in common to make products that are human- and earth-friendly, Natéva and Léa Nature decided to join forces in 2018.




76 employees in 2021

€7.5 million

in sales in 2021

Privileged relationships with producers

Natéva is located in Biovallée®, a center for rural excellence located in the Drôme department and nestled in the Vercors natural regional park, that brings together a network of aromatic and medicinal plant producers and harvesters.

This region stands as a reference in terms of sustainable development, thanks to the management and valorization of its natural resources: development of organic agriculture, reduction of energy consumption and waste, local production of renewable energy, and advanced training in sustainable development.

Natéva privileges long-lasting and trust-based partnerships to guarantee the quality and traceability of plants used and to ensure secure production conditions for everyone.

Whenever possible, Natéva works under fair trade standards in France and overseas, through the Fair For Life certification, especially for essential oils such as geranium, lemongrass, and eucalyptus citriodora from Congo or chamomile, cornflower and mallow from France.


Natéva works with a network of over 250 local producers and harvesters in France and around the world.

Natéva maintains control of its supply chains from cultivation to harvesting to processing through communication, advice, rigorous specifications, and audits.


Plant eco-extraction and extract conservation by Natéva

As soon as the company was founded, Natéva developed an innovative process for the eco-extraction and conservation of plant extracts that is respectful of plant life, and that was recognized with an Artinov award, an artisanal innovation competition.

To ensure active ingredients are fully preserved in the extracts, plants are processed for a minimal time through thermal maceration and agitation, thus reducing energy consumption.

The objective is to produce extracts offering a high content of active ingredients and superior organoleptic characteristics while reducing this activity’s impact on the planet’s resources.
Once processing is completed, plant waste is recycled into compost for local producers.

Thanks to three stainless steel distillation units ranging from 1800 to 3600 liters, Natéva can distill plants with a low pressure system through direct or indirect steam.

This process allows us to obtain essential oils and floral waters, which are used in the composition of numerous personal care products, in aromatherapy and in food as natural flavoring.
A fourth vacuum distillation unit was developed to enhance certain floral waters and to work on noble materials such as myrrh or incense.

Following the acquisition of an oil press, Natéva started producing rare and unique vegetable oils.
Thanks to its expertise in the virtues and transformation of plants, Natéva also develops liquid organic food supplements under client brand names, that are packaged on site.

Finally, Natéva also commercializes fresh and dried organic plants.

Premium extracts: core ingredients in Léa Nature brands

Léa Nature products are made with extracts produced by Natéva. Organic and fair-trade chamomile floral water can be found, for instance, in product formulas developed for our brands Floressance, SO’BiO étic, Natessance and Eau Thermale Jonzac.


Rigorous quality control thanks to in-house laboratory facilities

Nateva’s Research and Development and Quality Control teams ensure that the following tasks are handled in-house:

  • a botanical selection process of the plants used, through verification of their quality and active ingredient content;
  • pilot runs on formulas under development,
  • lab analyses and quality control tests. Microbiota analyses are outsourced to an independent organization.

Natéva certifications

Natéva’s quality assurance approach is based on 2 standards:

  • ISO 22716, guaranteeing the safety of cosmetic products in Europe that are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) warranting human health is highly protected.
  • ISO 22000, recognizing the company’s ability to identify and control any food safety hazards, and to deliver safe and finished products consistently. This is a voluntary international standard.

Organic extracts are inspected and certified by ECOCERT.