Biocop Productos Biológicos, a spanish organic wholesaler

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Biocop Productos Biológicos, a spanish organic wholesaler

Biocop Productos Biológicos is an independent family business founded in 1975 in Barcelona, Spain. A pioneer in the production and distribution of organic products, it is now a major player in the country’s organic sector.




40 organic brands


40 years of experience in organic product distribution


Biocop Productos Biológicos, a pioneer in organic product distribution

Since its creation, the Spanish company has been exclusively distributing superior organic products in specialized stores. The product lines offered by the company cover all daily needs and include food, personal care, baby care and household products.

Biocop Productos Biológicos also manufactures and markets its own brand, which includes nearly 250 organic products and accounts for more than 50% of its annual sales.

Through its commitment to organic food and values, the company offers products that are good for your health and kinder to the environment, thus promoting an evolving food model and more responsible consumption patterns.

Top quality healthful and organic products

Biocop Productos Biológicos distributes delicious and healthful products to organic stores. All product lines are made with organically grown and verified ingredients, based on the controlled traceability of raw materials and their sourcing. This family business also places the emphasis on the nutritional qualities of its products which are low in salt, added sugars and saturated fats, while remaining at affordable prices for most.

Biocop Productos Biológicos has recently become a distributor for Léa Ekibio brands. This partnership between Biocop Productos Biológicos and Compagnie Léa Nature allows Ekibio to promote its brands in Spain: Priméal, Ma Vie Sans Gluten, Le Pain des Fleurs, Bisson, Douce Nature and Ecodoo.

Biocop Productos Biológicos and Compagnie Léa Nature share the same values focused on organic agriculture, keeping products natural, fair business practices with producers and nature conservation.

Biocop Productos Biológicos, a fervent defender of organic agriculture

Biocop Productos Biológicos has always believed in the benefits of organic agriculture for people’s health. For this reason, the company promotes and develops this approach to agriculture because it is environmentally friendly and avoids the use of chemical pesticides or GMO seeds, in accordance with applicable organic standards. All the company’s products are certified and feature the “green leaf” label, which is the European organic label.


Social and environmental commitments

Biocop Productos Biológicos is committed to sustainable and organic agriculture, fair trade and social justice. All these values constitute its core identity which is reflected in each of the brands and products it distributes.

Each day, Biocop Productos Biológicos is committed to promoting more sustainable consumption patterns and a healthier lifestyle.

Through its choice of distributing products obtained from organic agriculture, Biocop Productos Biológicos:

  • Promotes the development of organic agriculture ;
  • Ensures improved animal welfare ;
  • Limits its impact on the environment ;
  • Promotes healthful natural products made with earth- and human-friendly ingredients that are grown without any harmful additives.