Soup’idéale : expertise acquired over nearly 60 years

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Soup’idéale : expertise acquired over nearly 60 years

The Soup’idéale facility in Pas-de-Calais area employs a team of 48 people. Soup’idéale processes 12,000 tons of vegetables to produce nearly 20,000 tons of delicious soups, either fresh or in cartons and bottles ! Organic products generate 25% of annual sales, making Soup’idéale the leading manufacturer of organic soups in France.




48 employees

20 000 tons of soups

Soup’idéale, traditional know-how

Soup’idéale was founded in 1962 by the Legros family in Arras in the Pas-de-Calais, and offered the first pasteurized soups, starting with artisanal fish soups.

In 1995, Soup’idéale expanded its offer to vegetable soups made in the Ariège department by an enterprise which the family took over and transformed.

A few years later, the company started making fresh soups for the food service industry.


Thanks to the company’s know-how and its mastery of pasteurization and sterilization processes, Soup’idéale pursued its development and expansion into new markets, with the introduction of UHT-processed soup packs.

In 2007, the first organic soup recipes were developed for the food service industry.

In 2011, in partnership with Tetra Pak, Soup’idéale installed a packaging line dedicated to this convenient format, a manufacturing approach that served to complete the pasteurization and sterilization processes.

Soup’idéale joined Léa Nature in 2019, and both companies share the same CSR values and commitments, including the objective of reducing the environmental impact of their activities.

Top quality organic soups

Thanks to the rigorous selection of ingredients combined with an integrated supply chain approach, Soup’idéale guarantees the traceability and the quality of its raw ingredients from field to table.
Whenever possible, it privileges ingredients from France and builds partnerships with its suppliers.
The company’s formulation specifications specifically exclude any ionized raw ingredients.

Soup’idéale teams and chefs working in the culinary center have concocted over 15 different recipes.


Since 2009, Soup’idéale has been certified by IFS, International Food Standard – version 6 at the superior level, which guarantees product quality and manufacturing according to established procedures.


Jardin BiO étic soups

Soup’idéale produces vegetable soups created by the Research and Development laboratory for Jardin BiO étic, a Léa Nature brand. Whether these are traditional soups, green vegetable combinations, vegetable soups or coral lentils, they are all delicious, balanced and healthful blends.

Social and environmental commitments

Soup’idéale participates in charity events such as the Telethon fundraiser and donates products to charities.

Soup’idéale also implements continuous actions to reduce its environmental impact, for instance lower energy consumption and recycling. Whenever possible, it privileges local supply chains by working with suppliers nearby, thus contributing to local economic development and reducing transportation distances.

Packaging is eco-designed and recyclable thanks to renewable materials like Tetra Pak FSC cartons.