Famille Mary, french family beekeeping company

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Famille Mary, french family beekeeping company


Famille Mary is a family-owned beekeeping venture located in Maine-et-Loire, founded in 1921.

For the past 100 years, it has been offering exceptional natural products made from honey and plants. This ancestral know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, more than 150 products from the hive are developed and sold in Famille Mary stores in France and online.

Famille Mary joined Compagnie Léa Nature in 2020.




125 employees


hives in production


A know-how that has perennialized beekeeping traditions over 3 generations

Since its foundation, Famille Mary has been harvesting a wide variety of rare honeys from its own hives and those of partnering French and European beekeepers.

Featuring honey as its star ingredient, the company develops and commercializes a range of 100% natural and organic products: herbal supplements, cosmetics and gourmet grocery products made with this treasure trove from the bees.

Thanks to the expertise developed by three generations of beekeepers, Famille Mary is now the French leader in the retail and e-commerce of honey. This family owned and operated company sells its unique products directly through its own network of 30 stores throughout France.

Thanks to this know-how, Famille Mary has also developed an innovative concept: a spa offering treatments that are exclusively made with products from the hive, highlighting the benefits and virtues of honey and royal jelly. This spa is nestled in nature in an 18th century water mill, offering a unique environment that is located right next to the bees.

Naturally good and healthful products

Royal jelly, flower honey, propolis :  the Mary Family honey farm develops original, healthful, and delicious recipes using superior natural ingredients.

The honey harvesting process is in line with beekeeping traditions : it is extracted from the hive cold and jarred according to a specific method.

In keeping with its commitment to environmental conservation, the company has developed an offer based on organically farmed ingredients that includes a selection of certified organic food and cosmetic products.

Treasures from the hive dedicated to four priorities

Thanks to product lines based on honey, royal jelly, propolis and pollen, Famille Mary wishes to promote:

  • wellness ;
  • gourmet foods ;
  • beauty ;
  • health.

For this reason, the company now offers 4 distinct yet complementary brands :

  • FAMILLE MARY®: natural and gourmet honey and plant based products sold in the company’s 30 stores and online.
  • ABELLIE®: organic cosmetics from the beehive (honey, royal jelly, bee venom, etc.), sold in the company’s 30 stores and online as well as through its spa.
  • HÉDÈNE®: unique French honey recipes, sold in gourmet stores, some department stores in Paris, the Monoprix chain or on the export market.
  • MA RUCHE BIO®: available in specialized networks, this brand develops health products made with French organic honey, plants, and essential oils.

Environmental commitments for nearly 100 years

Famille Mary has been committed to protecting bees and nature since its inception and places its ecological values at the heart of its business. Thus, the company has implemented concrete environmental actions that it applies daily:

  • Offering premium natural products

Famille Mary is especially attached to the natural and organic origin of the ingredients used, whether they come from plants or bees.

In line with its environmental commitments, the company currently offers a broad selection of organic products that are organic (AB) certified by Ecocert, through its stores and online.

Famille Mary makes it possible for customers to become more responsible consumers, for instance through reduced waste thanks to the bulk sale of honey directly from the tank. Customers can therefore go to any company store with their own containers and purchase as much honey as they need.

  • Greener production and manufacturing methods

    • The honey shop is located in an eco-designed building that does produce any pollutants.
    • The company also uses environmentally friendly packaging made from recyclable materials.
    • Finally, Famille Mary ensures that its suppliers are mostly regional and independent.
  • Saving the bees

Since 2014, Famille Mary has been donating 1% of its annual honey sales to the Union Nationale de l’Apiculture Française (UNAF), thus contributing actively to protecting bees and biodiversity while supporting the beekeeping industry. Thanks to this initiative, the family business has already donated over €75,000 to the UNAF.

It has also committed to fund 50 hectares of melliferous plants, essential to bee survival, through the “Biodiversity Network for Bees.”