The food and health product manufacturing plant at the head office in Périgny : over 25 years of know-how

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The food and health product manufacturing plant at the head office in Périgny : over 25 years of know-how

In 1993, Léa Nature started out by offering natural and organic plant blends with recognized virtues; then in 1996, the company moved near La Rochelle and started manufacturing food supplements, teas and herbal teas for its brands Floressance and Jardin BiO étic. At the time, the plant was next to our entirely eco-designed head office.

Today, food and health production in Périgny is handled by 3 plants:

  • 1 dedicated to teas and herbal teas with 12 manufacturing machines, including 4 high-speed machines;
  • 1 health product facility for food supplements (tablets, capsules)
  • 1 food processing facility to bag mixtures of powders and dry cereal (mueslis, grains).



20.5 million products manufactured (2019)


employees (2019)

Teas and infusions: established expertise in plant and spice associations

Over the past 25 years, our team of formulation experts has been selecting organic ingredients in France and around the world through careful sourcing to develop balanced and delicious blends, without any artificial flavors.

Numerous partnerships with producers in France have been established to guarantee ingredient quality and traceability, thus contributing to the development of the organic sector. L’Herbier du Diois, for instance, is a traditional supplier of plants based in the Drôme department.  It has grown alongside Léa Nature and its brand Jardin BiO étic, starting with an initial delivery of 50 kilos of plants in 1995 to over 300 tons today.

Over 50 aromatic and medicinal plants are sourced from French organic farms such as mint, peppermint, thyme, rosemary, blackcurrant, mallow, chamomile, birch, burdock, or red vine.

Other ingredients come from regional producers such as lemon thyme from Portugal, organic and fair-trade green teas from China, or spices from India.

Black teas are obtained through biodynamic agriculture, as certified by Demeter.

Go behind the scenes and find out more about how a Léa Nature infusion is produced, from its development to the production line to the finished product :

A panel of plant experts, composed of 10 staff members, received training in tasting and recognizing aromatic subtleties.

In line with our eco-design approach, our packaging team spent two years developing 100% compostable bags that can be thrown directly into domestic compost thanks to the replacement of the clip by a knot.


Over 60 product references are offered in the catalog, representing over 15 million entirely eco-designed and compostable teas and infusions produced in 2019 for the Jardin BiO étic, Floressance, Biosens and Biopur brands.

Natural and organic food supplements

Our Research and Development project managers develop food supplements for our laboratory dedicated to health products. These are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, and are free of artificial flavors, nanoparticles, and titanium dioxide.  Furthermore, they are certified free of any artificial vitamins, minerals, flavors, or sweeteners.

Our sourcing teams work hard to select effective organic plants and active ingredients: our catalog includes 67 organic raw ingredients. Some plants and active ingredients are existing products offered by our suppliers while others are custom made under our partnerships with them.

Our grape marc, for instance, is a by-product of organic wine grown in Anjou, a unique ingredient from France.

Our teams are also developing 100% vegan product lines.

Capsule shells are also plant based and do not include any animal derived gelatin.

Pill boxes are made of glass or sugar cane bioplastic.


The manufacturing plant comprises 2 production lines where mixtures, tablets and capsules are made for the Floressance, Biosens and Biopur brands, representing almost 2 million products sold.


Dry grain and cereal bagging

The food bagging plant includes 2 production lines to package organic and palm oil free powders, grains, and cereal mixes.

Products for our brands Jardin BiO étic and I love Nature, as well as for our health brands Biosens and Biopur are prepared there.  Over 3 million products are sold.


Our collaboration with La Maison de Fleurance, a traditional plant factory

This small manufacturing plant is located in Fleurance, nestled in the green valleys of the Gers.
It was created in 1970 by Maurice Mességué, a phytotherapy specialist and son of a farmer-healer also referred to as “the pope of plants”, to distribute organic food products.

La Maison de Fleurance employs 6 people and packages organic herbs and aromatic plants in bulk, bags, or bottles for our brand Jardin BiO étic

Reducing our environmental impact

All the brands manufactured in Périgny are members of 1% for the Planet and donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofits.

The Périgny site achieved the Excellence level under ECOCERT 26000 standards and is also certified for its Climate Commitment by ECOCERT, in addition to being labeled as an LPO Refuge.

Numerous concrete actions have been implemented in production and logistics to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment:

  • Waste recycling,
  • Waste reduction at the source,
  • Recovery of noncompliant materials,
  • Packaging is made of lighter RCS cardboard and thinner plastic filming,
  • Use of renewable energies through geothermal and solar energy, etc.,
  • Use of double-deck trucks, representing 1,800 less trucks on the road in 2019 and the equivalent in CO2 emissions reduction.