Laboratory and organic cosmetic innovation unit in Périgny, Charente-Maritime

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Laboratory and organic cosmetic innovation unit in Périgny, Charente-Maritime

Specialist in natural and organic cosmetics

A new natural and organic cosmetic manufacturing plant was inaugurated in September 2019, located 200 meters from our headquarters.

This new cosmetics unit offers 3 laboratories :

  • An Innovation, Research and Development laboratory dedicated to formulation
  • A quality control laboratory
  • A sourcing laboratory

24 years of expertise in cosmetic training


areas of expertise: hair care, skin care, makeup, aromatherapy

40 millions

SKUs/year, maximum production capacity

Find out more about this plant through the following videos :

  • Innovation, Research and Development laboratories
  • the manufacturing plant
  • the packaging plant
  • the integrated natural water treatment plant

A unit with expertise in innovation, research, and development in natural and organic cosmetics

Over 50 people are dedicated to the development of organic products that must comply with rigorous standards for quality, technicality, naturalness, and healthfulness.

Our teams are divided into four areas of expertise: skin care, makeup, hair care and aromatherapy.


The organic product manufacturing and packaging plant

Our new organic product manufacturing plant occupies a surface of 1,000 square meters, complies with GMP ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and includes a sustainable development approach to energy and fluid management, thus ensuring that mixtures are produced under the best conditions possible.

The plant has been 99% equipped with materials from France.

The transfer of mixtures from the tanks to the packaging lines is automated, thus ensuring utmost safety and traceability.

We have tripled our production capacity compared to the old plant with a current capacity of 25 tons per day.

With a surface of 1,200 square meters, the packaging plant’s production capacity tripled as well, and it now offers a potential capacity of 40,000 products per day.

This plant includes 7 packaging lines (vs. 4 lines previously) that are specialized in terms of type of container and formulation.


Biodisk technology, a natural effluent treatment

A pilot project was implemented in 2016 to validate the effectiveness of this effluent treatment process, which, to date, has primarily been used by rural communities.

Over a period of 4 months, this pilot project demonstrated high performances and confirmed that this biotechnology is adapted to the treatment of our cosmetic effluents while complying with regulatory requirements. In fact, results exceeded defined limits by far.