Charles Kloboukoff, President and Founder of Compagnie Léa Nature, took part in the symposium on biodiversity on Thursday, September 9 from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, bringing together 4 Platinium partners, along with Biocoop, Triballat and Ecotone. He also spoke at a workshop on September 10, as President of the Bio Valeurs association, an independent think tank on organic farming, created in 2017, which objective is to preserve the historical and fundamental values of organic farming.

The World Organic Congress: the largest worldwide event for the organic industry


The Organic World Congress is organized triennially and is a unique event that gathers stakeholders of the organic industry to focus on a central question: “How can we transform agricultural and food systems through organic farming?

All the attending stakeholders and partners are committed to a responsible approach: they support organic farming and practices that are more respectful of Man and Nature.

This year, participants (farmers, producers, scientists, professionals, political experts, and activists from around the world) discussed major issues related to organic agriculture: societal transformation, resilience, food sovereignty, development of organic and sustainable production systems.

Compagnie Léa Nature, 30 years of experience as a committed partner and stakeholder in organic agriculture


Since its creation, Compagnie Léa Nature has promoted locally produced and made-in-France organic products. It is focused on partnerships as well as ecological and societal cooperation and serves as an advocate for biodiversity and wildlife conservation, both through its economic and societal commitments and through its environmental philanthropy. The company’s major commitments consist of building human scale production sites dedicated to organic products that are as close as possible to the fields, manufacturing its products locally, and developing premium quality organic products that are human- and earth-friendly.

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Today, the company employs over 2,000 people in France and offers 5,000 product references in food, health, personal care/cosmetics/dental and household products with one goal: to make quality organic products available to everyone.

18 of the company’s brands are members of the international 1% for the Planet initiative, contributing 1% of their total sales to environmental nonprofits, i.e. €2.6 million in 2020. Between 2007 and 2020, €13.5 million were donated to nonprofits and projects dedicated to the transition to ecological agriculture, this amount representing the most significant share of its environmental philanthropy donations (1/3 of its donations).


Long-term partners with the organic sector in France

Since its inception, the group has chosen to manufacture its products in France. Today, the company has 21 processing and production sites (17 in France, 1 in Belgium, 2 in Spain, 1 in Bolivia – in a minority capacity), allowing it to manufacture two thirds of its product offer with an objective to reach 80% by 2025. By privileging production sites in several regions of France with supply chains that are regional or at a short distance whenever possible, Compagnie Léa Nature contributes to retaining expertise and jobs locally, reduces the “food miles” travelled and guarantees the traceability and quality of its products, as well as stable prices for the consumer.

Compagnie Léa Nature is committed to responsible, ethical, and affordable organic farming. The company is solidly anchored in French regions, and has been working for many years with over a hundred organic food supply chains in France: carrots from the Landes region, zucchini from Lot et Garonne, green beans from Vienne, green lentils from Vendée, etc.

Since 2002, Compagnie Léa Nature has also been relying on fair trade food products, such as spices, chocolate bars, teas, rice, and sesame oil.

Investments that contribute to the development and structuring of the organic industry

Compagnie Léa Nature is committed to acting for locally-based and quality-oriented development of the organic industry to benefit people’s health and the environment while pursuing an ambitious industrial investment strategy in France (€100 million invested between 2017 and 2020).

Thanks to the establishment of an endowment fund to which it donates up to 5% of its net sales, Compagnie Léa Nature contributes to the structuring and development of the organic sector anywhere in the world, notwithstanding a specific focus on the farming regions and specialties of France. It develops sustainable partnerships with organic producers and cooperatives, by offering advance funding of crops, co-financing of production tools and otherwise supporting the transition to organic farming. In 2020, €200,000 were invested in the development of organic agricultural acreages.


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